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630 Watt DE Light Fixture Kit features:



  • Get the most out of your DE 630 bulb @ 700W!
  • Lightweight DE reflector with German pebblized aluminum has been optimized for penetration
  • 3'x3' - 4'x4' footprint
  • Easily disassembles for remote mounting of ballast
  • Mounting plate is made of powder coated galvanized sheet
  • Reflector features 18" lamp cord
  • 15' Power cord included
  • 630W DE CMH bulb of choice included 
  • 2 Heavy Duty Ratchet Hangers included 
  • IR Remote Control is included 
  • 0~10V Dimmer is available seperately
  • 15 Ft. Lamp cord available seperately


Dimming Control:

  • IR Remote Control: A: 700W, B: 630W, C: 400W, D: 300W
  • 0~10V Dimmer: 300~700W


Please note that although operation at 700W will produce increased light output, use for extended periods may reduce bulb and ballast lifespan.


630 DE Low Frequency Square Wave ballast specifications:


Multi-Voltage Input: AC 120V, 208V, 240V 50-60Hz

Line Current: 5.58A @ 120V, 3.22A @ 208V, 2.79A @ 240V

Output Voltage to Bulb: AC 200V

Rated Power: 670W

Ballast Dissipation: 40W

Power Factor(PF): >0.99

Efficiency: >91%

Operating Frequency: 140-160hz

Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): <6%

Trigger Voltage: 6KV(MAX)

Base Designation: K12*30s

Bulb Designation: T32

Ta=122°F Tc=158°F


Ballast Dimensions:

L: 11.25" 

W: 5.9"

H: 3.5"


3 Year  Warranty

Complete 630W DE Light Fixture Kit

SKU: 0002
  • Using patented smart digital light source auto-adapt light attenuation

    control, this fixture's ballast features a low frequency square wave that carefully regulates current and voltage delivered to bulb and can efficiently drive your CMH bulbs for 5 years under normal working conditions.


    Next generation "Soft Start" digital lamp startup control technology maintains high precision control of lamp startup current and extends lamp life. 


    Smart digital light source ignition control technology prevents damage to the bulb which further extends working lamp life, and also allows for lamp ignition up to 66 feet from the ballast for those who wish to remove ballast heat from their grow space.


    The ballast uses high performance lighting CPU technology which allows for intelligent light source working condition detection so that the ballast may manage adjustments for best luminous flux and energy consumption in real time.


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