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Our 3400K lamp is tuned for flowering phase with high levels of red and far red light while maintaining significant blue output for lush and healthy growth. This is our highest output lamp from our 630W range.


Experience 5 years of high performance from these bulbs when driven by our low frequency square wave ballasts.


Eye protection is recommended for working under any grow light, but especially CMH lamps as they are known to produce UV light that is harmful to growers! Please consider UV when selecting attire for working under CMH lamps.


Double Ended 630W 3400K Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb Specifications:


Correlated Color Temperature: 3400K

Color Rendering Index(CRI): 92.8

Bulb Life Decay:

  • 10%≥@12,000 Hours with High Frequency Ballast
  • 5%≥@20,000 Hours with Ceramic Solutions Ballast

PPF: 1412.9 μmol/s

Lumens: 83,666

Efficiency(Lumens/W): 132.8

Cost Effectiveness(PPF/$): 15.69 μmol/s per dollar

Base Designation: K12*30s

Bulb Designation: T32



630W DE CMH 3400K Bulb

SKU: 0005

    This bulb is compatible with standard DE reflectors. You may upgrade your current bulb to CMH without purchasing a new DE reflector if desired.


    Although this bulb can be powered by many high frequency (HF) sine wave ballasts, it is NOT compatible with all high frequency ballasts! As we cannot guarantee compatibility with high frequency ballasts, we do NOT recommend this bulb for growers without a LFSW or other CMH compatible ballast. If you are not sure about compatibility, please contact us before purchasing.


    Some growers have reported catastrophic bulb failure with incompatible ballasts including bulb popping! If you absolutely insist on running a CMH lamp on a high frequency ballast, please do not do so without installing a glass lamp shield, and understand that you do so against our safety suggestions.


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