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Now Offering Improved Glass Shielded 3000K-Red 630W DE CMH Lamps!

   Over recent years, there has been an explosion of new developments within the horticulture industry.  Recent innovations have introduced many new options for light sources. The light source that drives the plants is one of the most critical components to every garden. Every light source offers different strengths and weakness, and there is a right tool for every job. No longer are growers limited to High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lamps. 


   One of the more recent developments has been the introduction of higher intensity Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) options. CMH is known to efficiently offer amongst the very best spectral output in the horticulture industry with color accuracy rivalling that of the sun. While CMH has many clear strengths over alternative light sources, it has been viewed as cost prohibitive, as well as restricted to gardening for smaller plants due to the limitations of the 315 watt CMH lamp. 


   Ceramic Solutions is a small northern California based distributor of CMH lighting. Our goal is to address both of these limiting factors by proliferating availability of high quality CMH lights of higher intensity wattages at an excellent value to growers. Our strategy is to simply provide information and let growers decide what is appropriate for their garden, and we intend to do so with a conspicuous absence of upselling.


 We know that you have many great options for light sources. It is our goal to offer high quality lights at a great price backed by service with concern and integrity for every customer that is driven by a genuine desire to see every light produce a highly successful garden.

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